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The Best Ceramic Coating for Any Make and Model

Ceramic Pro is the best ceramic coating on the market, used for durable and long lasting paint protection. The finish produces a beautiful glossy surface that not only keeps the paint job safe from UV rays, dust and dirt, but it also makes maintenance and cleaning easier than ever before.

Ceramic Pro is the leader in ceramic coating technology, and you can get it professionally applied at Tripp’s Collision in Lansing and Jackson, MI.

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10 Reasons to Ceramic Pro Your Car

As soon as we apply Ceramic Pro to your vehicle, you’ll notice a new kind of color depth and a gorgeous glossy finish that will make your car look new. If properly maintained, the vehicle’s finish will shine for many years to come.

No need to go for a car wax ever again, as ceramic coating is a far superior solution that repels contaminants and makes cleaning a breeze. You also don’t need to use abrasive cleaning agents anymore, because the slick surface makes it incredibly easy to wipe off any dirt off your vehicle.

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